• I am making preparation for live online Nepali Language Course for non- Nepali speaking people.

  • High Places, High Praises. Praise and Worship in the High Mount in Upper Mustang

  • Taking Internet marketing business class with Anuj bhai. It is the best course about about online business. It enbles you to build your skills and boost your potentiality.

  • At Annapurna Base Camp with a Malaysian geologist, Mun Heng. A great experience with a great man in the Himalayas.

  • Thorong- La Pass( 5416m),one of the highest passes in the world. It is a great experience. I have been through Thorong-La pass several times, one of which is with my guitar.


After crossing Marsyandi river, we ascend to Talekhu, a hamlet surrounded by forest. From there trail descends through the forest. After few minutes, trail ascends again along Marsyadi river. The other side of the river, there are beautiful waterfalls as well as some avalanches. Trail was cool with the breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls and river. after one and half hour we reached Bradhang where we walked through beautiful apple orchard. We stopped at the cafe to enjoyed apple bakeries  and some fresh apple juice.
After having delicious snacks our journey continues. After walking some time we come to the trail made by cutting the rocky cliff. After the cliff trail, uphill starts for some time and little flat and comes the suspension bridge over Marsyandi river again. On the right side of the river there is a huge rocky hill. 
We crossed the river and ascended through the mountain pine forest again. It a pleasant walk even though it was uphill and little bit hard to breathe. After two hours we arrived to Dhukur Pokharai, a beautiful lunch stop where there are 5 guest houses. We stopped there for lunch and continued our journey. After few minutes' walk we arrived at the actual Dhukur  Pokhari. Dhukur Pokhari means "Dove Pond". We saw two mountain goose in the pond. Tried to capture few shots of them. After few minutes's walk we crossed Marsyandi river again to go to Upper Pisang village instead of Lower Pisang because the views from there is much more better than from lower Pisang.
We reached Upper Pisang in the late afternoon. We checked in at "Hotel Norbulinka" from where you can view Annapurna 2 on your face. Food and accommodation there was good.

In the evening we walked up the the Buddhist monastery on the top of the village. Saw many women return after the Pooja(worship) which takes place every other year. It was little bit cold in the evening because of the wind. So, returned to the guest house and had hot food and wend to bed. Because of the beautiful views the day was meaningful.
I have been walking this trail for 3 decades. Every time I lead trekking groups I have different experience and learn learn new things.Same destination but new experience and new learning. People leave after trek with appreciation and thankfulness. I have never had complain and accident. Everybody is fully satisfied.
So, if you like to trek in Nepal or you have some question, please, contact me. I am more than happy to serve you whatever ways I can. You can contact me through eamil: solaceadventure@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +977-9846041174
Facebook: Solace Adventure Trekking



Annapurna circuit Trek is one of the most popular trekking destination in Nepal. 70 to 80 thousand trekkers do Annapurna Circuit Trek. I did the Annapurana Circuit Trek in 1989 for the first time as a teenage boy. It took us 19 days to finish the trek. I have written about my experience in my previous blog "A New journey Begins".

But now you can finish Annapurna Circuit Trek within 10 to 12 days because of the road. You can drive all the way to Manang village. However it is risky to drive all the way to 3500m. You need to acclimatise well to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness(AMA). It is called Altitude sickness in common language. So, it is very important to be well acclimatised before you head to Thorong La pass (5416m).
In 3 decades of my guiding experience only one guy got sick because he did not listened to me. Otherwise, from teenagers to 74 years old nobody had altitude sickness.
Recently, I had different experience in the Annapurna Circuit trek. We drove from Kathmandu all the way to the place called "Timang". However, We stopped at "Taal(1700m)" and spend our first night there. Taal is a beautiful small village at the bank of Marsyandi river where there are few guest houses. There is a beautiful waterfall at the back of the village. We slept with the sound of Marsyandi river.
Next day morning we drove to Timang after breakfast. We stopped at the police check post. Brian was on the steering wheel in Mahindra Thar. Instead of Brian I got off the jeep to report to the police. A funny thing happened...The police asked me my license number. So I  told my license number "437". Later on the jeep I realised that the police actually thought me to be the driver and asked my driving license whereas I told him my Trekking guide license number.
After a while we stopped ACA( Annapurna Conservation Area) check post and got our permits checked before we headed to Timang. On the way we saw mountain goats and 2 beautiful waterfalls which I have posted in my last post.
Before reaching Timang one big truck broke blocked the road. So, we had to take a detour bushes and came to a rally bad road. So, we all got out of the jeep. Brian Brewer made his adventurous drive on that muddy road which is captured in my last video.
We spent two nights at Timang. Timang is a beautiful villages situated at the height of 2670m from sea level sorounded by colorful jungle.
We left the jeep at Timang and started our trek. It was cool day. Along the way we enjoyed waterfall, cool forest. We started late. We got our trekking permits at the police check post at Koto from where the trail split to Nar, Phoo Trek. So, we stopped in Chame and spent the night there. Chame is the head quarter of Manang district. It is situated at the bank of Marsyandi river which is 2600m from the  sea level. Next day we started from Chame to Pisang. I will write more in my next blog....


We know that language is the means of communication. Whether it is verbal or sign language, the language connects one another. There are hundreds of thousands of languages in the world. Some of those languages are limited within the particular people group and some languages are used as national and official language and some languages are used as the international language such as English.

The national language connects people in a particular country and the international language connects people from different countries. However, not everybody necessarily knows the international language. So, to communicate with those people people one has to learn the language those people understand.
I was born in the barn with the cattle and was very shy and was intimidated as I would see somebody on the way and would hide until the person was gone. As I was growing, I would see trekkers camped in my village on the way to Ganesh Himal trek. I was very curious about them and their language, especially English. People in my villages call any white skinned person "American" no matter wherever he or she is from and think that he or she speak English. A strong desire to learn English language and have conversation with them one day. But it was just an imagination for that time. However, my desire kept growing to learn English. There was nobody to teach me English. Only after class four English alphabet would be taught in the school. I tried my best to learn English whatever way I could. I would tune in shortwave radio to listen to English speaking even though it did not make any sense to me. I enjoyed even just listening. I tried to read any paper written in English even though I could not pronounce correctly. There was nobody to correct me. However, my desire did not die, instead kept growing.

One day in 1990, I met a man from New Zealand in Kathmandu as I was walking in the street. He first spoke to me " How are you ? " I don't remember how I responded but I tried my best to communicate with him.  He was the person who taught me trekking and I began to learn how to speak English. I kept on learning English whatever way I could. I started to work as a trekking guide since 1994 and still guiding. I did not have to work as porter long. I only twice carried the load as a porter in trekking. Because of my language expertise I was given the opportunity to guide. I am still guide once in a while. Now, I own my own trekking company called "SOLACE ADVENTURE Pvt. Ltd."

Since 2004, I began to teach Nepali language to foreigners and still teaching. It is the advantage of my language skill. I have students who are learning Nepali online as well as face to face class. Soon I am going to launch my Nepali language course packages. It will make convenient to the students to learn on their own time wherever they are whether they are at home or travelling. They don't have to schedule to be present in the class in any particular time. It will be so easy for people to learn Nepali on own time and speed.

I will be updating in my coming blogs. Yes, the language matters. English language has connected me with the people from all over the world and given me the way for living. I have met many people over and over again to Nepal and love Nepal and like to communicate with the people, but because of the language barrier they are not able to dot that and they do not have time to take language class here. That gave me the idea of helping those people through online class. And now I have realized that even online class only also not helpful for everybody. So, I am preparing Nepali Language Course packages.

I will be updating in my coming blogs. I will be looking forward to see many people benefited by my language course.

Kelly Cooper : passionate Nepali language student

Kelly Cooper is one my passionate Nepali language students. She has has been learning so well that she now can translate very well. I am proud to be her teacher. May God bless her much more in the days to come. #NepaliLanguagecourse#LearnNepaliOnline#LearnNepaliwithPremTamang#www.premtamang.com


I am very glad today to share with you that my dream has come true. It took quite a long time.  Things take time. Nothing happens overnight. Patience is the most important thing to reach the goal.

You know that I have been working as a trekking guide for over two decades. One day on the way to Annapurna Base Camp one of my clients asked me, " Do you hope you will have your own trekking  one day ?" I said, " Yes, I do". Even though I had the dream, I had no idea how to turn my dream into reality. However, I was able to keep my dream alive.

After long time of experience and learning, finally I was able to register my trekking company, " SOLACE ADVENTURE PVT. LTD. " Now I am authorized to do trekking all over Nepal as well as Bhutan, India, Tibet.  However, I was limited and I did not have idea how to promote my business.

One day I met Anuj Kulung and learnt that he is an internet marketer. I learnt valuable things about marketing with Anuj,  I also found that he designs websites. I requested him to design a website for my trekking company. He accepted my request designed it. I launched my official website for " SOLACE ADVENTURE" www.solaceadventuretrek.com last week.I am expecting many people to see it and book the trekking.

What I have learnt is, " It is not enough to have a dream but find the ways to turn that dream into reality" It requires honesty, hard work, and patience.
Finally, above all, it is all by the grace of God, All glory be to God who gave me a dream and fulfilled it,


It is hard to believe that I am teaching Nepali language online to Europeans and Americans. Even though I have been teaching Nepali language for 13 years, I had never imagined that one day would be teaching Nepali online because I had no computer knowledge.

I did not learn computer because I knew that many people who have learned computer and jobless. I did not see any use of computer knowledge since the smart phone works all communication related things.

But when I saw Anuj bhai earning just by using his computer. He did not have just the computer knowledge but knew how to use the knowledge to make money. So, I was bit curious about it and asked him to teach me some basic knowledge. He not only taught me only computer but also about Internet marketing business through Easy1up. So, I used the knowledge and got some students.

However, I was bit nervous since I never taught online before. Anuj bhai encouraged me and I could do the first online Nepali Language class with Maria Minen from Holland. After the first class, I found my confidence grown. I enjoyed teaching Nepali online. I am glad that I could learn and  do things online. It is a new experience for me. My skill is being built and my confidence is also being built. I have also made some You Tube videos and going to make more.

So, if you are interested to learn Nepali language online, you can contact me by email, by phone and you can add me on Face Book. My details is given below:
Email: prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,
Face book: prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,
Mobile: 977-9818449648,
Website: www.premtamang.com



Today is the 22nd of February. Tomorrow the 23rd of February is our daughter Naomi's birthday. She has been counting the days for over a month that her birthday celebration is coming soon. She has many ideas or imagination about how she would be celebrating her birthday. But my wife and I had no idea what to do because we are going through financial problem for long time. However, God has been faithful to provide for us. Our daughter's birthday party would costs us couple thousand rupees. Honestly, we have no money to buy even our daily supplies. Naomi is expecting birthday gifts and party and chocolates for her friends and teachers in her school. We have been trying to convince her for not celebrating her birthday. But she doesn't seem convinced and has been jumping with excitement for days.My wife had thought to buy her for a crepe. But I don't know whether she would be happy with that.

Today is a rainy day. It has been raining from afternoon and still not stopped but little bit thinner after a while. I was stuck by rain when I was having my hair cut. After rain stopped little bit I went to one of friends' house. While I was about to leave from there I received a text message from somebody telling that he is going to stop by to my house after 30, 40 minutes.  So, I rushed to my house. On the way I was wondering why he wanted to come to our house. I had different thoughts. I was questioning myself if I have done something wrong. I was bit nervous too to see him because we human cannot see or know our own wrongs.

Anyway, I got home and told my wife that someone is coming to our house. Then she had different questions too. After some time somebody called me from our gate and said he needed my help. Then I went down to open the gate. He had parked his car right at our gate and window of the car was open. He took out a sack of rice and handed me. Then he handed me a bag of boneless chicken and a crate of eggs and bags of onion, garlic. Not only that he took a big box full of supplies out of his car and gave it me. I was confused and asked him what all those for. He replied, " It is for YOU."

So, we thanked him and took everything in and offered him a cup of coffee. He said that God told him to do that. He had no idea that tomorrow is our daughter's birthday. He did not know that we are running out of rice. Actually, my wife was thinking to buy a small bag of rice but God provided us the sack of premium Basmati rice which is one of the most expensive rice.

We even had not prayed about it. However, God who can do more than we ask and imagine. He knows what we need even before we ask because He is our loving heavenly father.Now everything we need is provided. So, we are going to celebrate our daughter's birthday tomorrow. God never let those who trust Him be ashamed. Those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing.

 Thank you Lord for all your love and care for us. Thank you for the man who heard your voice and obeyed you. Bless him abundantly Lord. You are real, you are living God. You love everyone so much that you gave your one and only son Jesus to die for the sins of the world.

Yes, our God is true, He is loving. Anyone who seeks Him will find Him through Jesus Christ. So, if you have not known Him yet believe and accept Jesus as your personal saviour and the Lord then you will know how good He is, how true He is and how loving He is. May God bless you!!!


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