• I am making preparation for live online Nepali Language Course for non- Nepali speaking people.

  • High Places, High Praises. Praise and Worship in the High Mount in Upper Mustang

  • Taking Internet marketing business class with Anuj bhai. It is the best course about about online business. It enbles you to build your skills and boost your potentiality.

  • At Annapurna Base Camp with a Malaysian geologist, Mun Heng. A great experience with a great man in the Himalayas.

  • Thorong- La Pass( 5416m),one of the highest passes in the world. It is a great experience. I have been through Thorong-La pass several times, one of which is with my guitar.


The saying I had read decade ago," A friend in need is a friend indeed" I still remember. I believe it is true. 

There are friends in life. Friends come and go. The true friend stays till the end but true friend is very rare. Often we are betrayed by friends. When you have plenty there will be many friends. But when you are lacking then only you will know if have any friend. When you are in good shape in different aspects of life bunch of friends will be around you all the time. But when you are in bad shape, I mean in difficult times you will have very few friends or no friends. I have experienced this. I have been betrayed many times. I remember the times when I had nothing to eat no friend visited me. Yes, when you are poor no one likes to be your friends and opposite is true too, when you have plenty everyone wants to be your friends.I have come to the point that made me question, " Who is my friend? Do I have any friend? 

Thanks be to God who is faithful to provide someone whom He has given concern about me. Often I don't find anyone to turn to but I find God has assigned someone to encourage and support me in my times of despair and difficulties. He is my friend indeed. 

This morning I was chatting with a friend who really cares for me. He was asking me how I am doing. I said that I am going through the valley of the shadow of death. Then he was more concerned and curious about it. So I explained to him what I am going through. He with his family prayed over me and wrote the words of encouragement to me. I was really encouraged after that. That really made a difference in me. He is the friend indeed in need.

It is a blessing to have true friends. The question is," Am I a friend to someone indeed?" It is also important to be a true friend to someone not just to have a true friend. Be ready to be a friend indeed in someone's need.


We human are naturally discontent. We are never satisfied. We want more, never enough because we have wrong assumption that if we have more we will be happy. But happiness is temporary. It depends on your circumstances. In good circumstance we are happy and in bad circumstance we are sad. That is human nature.

Some people are never happy. Even though they are happy it is just for a short time. They always expect other people to make them happy. And demands grow, never enough. They always expect others' compliments not the suggestions. There are various reason why people are not happy and content. One of the reasons is that they are not thankful for things they have and to those who have done good to them. Instead they take it for granted and demand more.

Thankfulness is a very precious virtue. Only few people are thankful in my observation. We like to complain. There are tons of things we can complain for. Naturally we have negative perception. We mostly the negative parts of things and people. If we see something good in people we keep quiet but if we see some weak areas in them we make it the breaking news.

 We forget how many good things done to us but don't forget even a very tiny thing they haven't done to meet our expectation which is not even their mistake. How selfish we are. I think we must change our thinking before we change anything. We must begin to think positive and be thankful for what we have rather than complaining about the things we don't have.

Let us begin our day with thanks giving. Be thankful for the day we have one more day to enjoy. your life is precious. Why do you waste it with grumble  and complain? Let's be thankful. May God richly bless you.


We are social being. We need society. In the society there are different kinds of people with different natures. There are people with different temperaments.Sometimes it is difficult to relate with those people.

Not just the people but in every situation we need patience. When we let our patience work in our life we can grow in to maturity. There is a Nepali saying" The fruit of patience is delicious." For example, a farmer has to wait for months to reap his harvest. There is a hope and expectation of the harvest. However, there is no guarantee of full harvest. If there is some climate change which is not suitable for the crop then the farmer has to bear loss. But he does not stop there to sow his seeds again.

In every business there are ups and downs, profits and losses. Therefore we need patience to go forward. Bad situations or losses gives us the chance to grow. Patience not developed overnight. It takes times and efforts. I have borne many losses in life and still bearing. But the hope I have helps me keep going and keep growing. I have been learning and the more I learn the more I see things to learn in life. One of that is to learn to be patient in every situation and everybody.

Now I have been learning about" Internet Marketing Business" especially in Easy1up company where I have to deal with different kinds of people. Some people are so passionate to use vulgar words. I bless them with the peace of Jesus. I know I am called to bless not to curse. But I need patience to be able to do that. The grace of God that enables me to be patient.

I am still learning  and much to learn. I am glad that I am growing. Unexpected situations that is beyond your control and difficult people teach you patience which make you mature person. Once I heard somebody said," Get rid of the person who show you mercy". We all need mercy but mercy often hinders us from  growing into maturity. 
So, let us learn to be patience. There will be lots of opportunities for this. Just look around.


 I was wondering how many of us do things for our own  pleasure or to fulfil our own selfish ambition. Even though we do things for others with a condition or an expectation.

Our human love is so conditional. Often we show love to get love in return. Even we love our children with expectations and conditions. We often do things for our own children out of duty thinking that providing for them is our responsibility. Giving things to children is the proof of love   we think. I once heard," We can give without loving but we cannot love without giving". I think this is true. There may be many reasons of giving. Your giving does not necessarily prove that you love that person. You can ask yourself how many things you do out of love not just out of love. If you are honest you will find very few things you do out of love.

 I was reminded of Isaiah 49:15,"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and has no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!"
What a promise God has for us. He will never forget us nor forsake us. Even though man and his wife were separated from God and forgot God but He never forgot the man. Because God is love and He loves people unconditionally He made a way for man to be reconciled back to Him. " For God so loved the world( people), He gave His one and only son, that those who believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life(John 3:16)."

Christmas is just over. I don't know what the Christmas meant for you. For me this is the display of God's love for me.Jesus Christ who was born two thousand year ago is the proof of God's unconditional love. God has given us the greatest gift, His son for everyone, whoever, whenever believe that is for him or her can receive freely. Salvation is free gift. It does not mean that it cost nothing. But Jesus paid for it with His life, his blood so that you can get it free. He died for you so that you can be saved from the punishment of your sin. You may say, " I have never done anything wrong." Your action does not make you righteous because every human being is born sinner. You are not sinner because you sinned but the opposite is true. We human being sin because we are sinners, We have sinful nature that  likes to sin.

However I have a good news for you. Whatever sin you have committed, there there is forgiveness of all those sins. You don't have live guilty. Just believe that  Jesus has paid the price for your sin and open your hear to Him to come into your life.Just repent from your sins, your sins will be forgiven.  Your life will be changed. It is not the change of religion but the change of heart and life.Changing religion cannot make any difference in your life but the relationship with your creator  God through Jesus can make a difference in your life. Your life will never the same again. It will be full of joy despite bad situation in the world.

God loves you unconditionally. You can receive it freely right now. You can have a meaningful and joyful life in Jesus.


A month ago I attended a seminar where I heard the facilitator was saying that there is a famine of people who are skilled and have integrity and hardworking. Skill, hard work and integrity makes a man or woman complete.

 There is no one perfect on this earth. Skill is very important in life. Without skill a person cannot progress in life, even very difficult to survive. He or she becomes jobless. No one hires a unskilled person. However, if someone is skilled, hardworking and the person of integrity, that definitely makes a difference in one's life. There is the demand for such people in the world. Different people have different skills but if he or she is not hardworking his or her skill makes no difference in life. If someone has skill and he or she is hardworking but has no integrity he or she is still incomplete.

For me hard working and integrity is not the problem because I fear God and I try my best to be a good steward. I know what the Bible says, "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather then for people." My problem is I am not a skilled person. I do not have any such skill which can really helps me enough. Yes, I do different jobs such as language tutoring, as a trekking guide, music teacher, translator etc. However, those skills are not adequate for me to make my living because those kinds of jobs are not regular. I needed some job which I can do regularly on my time whenever I want. I heard about online jobs and online business but I had no clue how it works because I had no skill. 

Finally, I found a place where I can learn how to do online marketing business which I can do from any corner of the world where there is internet access. So, I joint the training and taking the training about easy1up. Day by day my eyes are being opened up and learning how to generate traffic and how to make sales. Within 24 hours there are huge of traffic and expecting to close the sales soon. What I have learnt is easy1up not only gives me training how to do online marketing business but also gives me a platform to work and earn. Another good thing about easy1up is it is one time and investment and life time earning. I am so happy to find such a platform where I can both learn and earn altogether. Yes, skill really matters. If you are interested about online marketing business you can click on to the link below: 



This morning as I was going to class I came close to a taxi from behind. I saw a picture of a child holding hand of his father. There was a sentence which said," Daddy, please, come home early". It was so touching. 

Many children miss their fathers so much even though they live in the same home. Fathers may be more concerned about earning so that he can meet  his children's needs and desires. He might be more concerned about their bright future with good education by sending them to good schools. That's why he has to earn more. To earn more he has work extra hours. Many fathers are not aware about how much their children miss him and his love. Even though they are aware about it they think that they are compelled to work till late for the benefit of their families. Many fathers arrive home after their children have gone to bed and leave while children are still in bed. They rarely meet and no time to spend together. It is a tragedy that many children are like orphans while their fathers are still alive. It may not sound good but it is the reality.

"Time is money". It is very popular saying. I agree one hundred percent. However, often we lose things like relationships, such as families which money cannot buy. I think that the time is not just equal to money. It is more than that. Your little time can save someone's life or shapes someone's future. Money is big thing but not everything It is not more important then your family. I am not against earning but for it. My question is how you value your time.

 What is the value of time?Or how much does it worth? I think there is no absolute definition of the value of time. It depends on how you define it, how you value it. Yes, we have to use time wisely to progress, to succeed, prosper. We also have to work hard to earn. The Bible says that hard works brings wealth. It also says that if anyone does not work he or she should not eat. It is very easy to kill time. Killing time means killing yourself destroying own future. So we have to use our time very wisely. The value of time is beyond explanation. Good use of time builds your life. It can give you better future. God has not shown partiality. He has given equal time to Bill gates and you. 

So, how are you using your time? Are you investing your time or wasting it? The wisest use of your time is also investing for the eternity not just for this life. Not just for your flesh but also for your soul which is the most important thing.


"You cannot expect a different result doing the same thing". I had heard this popular saying several times but did not care about much. Even now I am not sure whether I have quoted it correctly or not. I used to think that I know some thing but now I came to realise that in fact I know nothing in ratio of time change. I am left far behind the time and technology.

 I have no knowledge of computer and other technologies. I even don't know how to a use smart phone as it is supposed to be used. I have realised that the learning time is just beginning as I am headed to the second half of my life. However I am convinced that  it is never too late to learn. I have just achieved my Bachelor degree. I used to thinking I was supposed to be lecturer by then as saw my lecturers much younger then me. Sometimes was discouraged being an old student. On the other hands I was glad to have opportunity to study even in old age. I never feel I am old even though I am getting old day by day. Once I heard a man said that the age if the number of years not anything more than that.I agree.As the time is passing I find it more and more difficult to cope with the time. The things I have been doing for years don't seem relevant and adequate. I deeply felt a change is necessary. But I  did not know what that was and what change I need.I registered my own trekking company. But no customer. I felt I made a mistake by wasting time and  money. One year is almost past but no business yet no inquiry. Finally, I found the reason why I am not getting business. The reason was that I had no marketing. I have no knowledge of marketing. I thought that I could not do since I didn't have the knowledge. 

Finally, I met Anuj bhai and learned the importance of online marketing, especially in  the tourism business. The online marketing is much more effective than the traditional marketing. Its scope is unlimited and cost is very less compared to the traditional marketing. Having understood the importance of online marketing I decided to join the training and I have been doing the online marketing training. The more I take the class the more ways I see. Not just what should I do but also how should I do to have good business. I have full hope that my business will definitely grow. There will be hundreds of clients in my trekking company in the coming years as the result of the use of my online marketing skill.

If you want to know more about it let's discuss on Facebook. Please click here and Add me on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022345791940 

And You Can send me email too : prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com 

Thank You 
                    A New Down
There are always opportunities everywhere whether you see or not. The question is not if there is an opportunity but the question is whether you have eyes to see it and recognize it.
 I usually don't see nee opportunities or don't recognise it. Especially business opportunities. I am not from business background. I was born and raised up in a farmar family. I grew up with cattle tending goats and cows and buffalos but had no idea of doong it in a better way. My studies and qualifications did not help me for living. Recently I got Bachelor degree in education in the age of 45 but my professions is not as a teacher neither will be. I have been trekking guide for over 22 years and finally registered my own trekking company but no business. I fell into the pit of debt. I have experience and some skills in the related field but that is not helping me. I am a Language teacher. I teach Nepali Language to foreigners but there is no students always. Frustrating!!! I was always wondering why. I found myself useless cannot do anything. I did not any possibility and opportunities.
Finally I came to realise that I need certain skills that can help me. I found it is the marketting skill. Since I am not from business background and did not study business I have no idea of marketting. I felt deeply that I have to learn skill to promote my trekking company and other businesses.
But I had no idea where I can learn this who teaches me this skill.
One day I came to know Anuj Kulung and found that he is a digital marketter and has been teaching many people about online marketting I was very curious about it and asked him if can teach me. He eagerly wanted to teach me. Then we set the date and started the class today.
Today I learned what online marketting is , how it works and 5 elements of online marketting or business.
Finally I learned that there are opportunities. One should look for it and ask help for finding it. I am glad that I have A New Down today. It isa new beginning.
 I will be learning and sharing more in the days to come. If anyone is interested orcurious you can visit www.anujbhai.com.



  •                               1 Peter 3
  • [9]Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing. That is what God has called you to do, and he will grant you his blessing.  
  • We have a special calling. God has called be be blessed. How can we be blessed? We can receive God's blessings by blessing others. To bless we need to know what blessing is. Well blessing means speaking positive words from God to others. We see in the Bible that the elder blessed bless their young ones or children. For example, Abraham, Issac and Jacob and many more blessed their children.

  • The Bible says that the word has power of life and death. You cannot expect good results speaking negative words to your children. Bible also says that you will reap what you sow.
  • Also, blessing means speaking the peace of Jesus to someone's life whatever situation they are in. So if you want to see good things happen in your children's lives speak good about them.
  • We are called to bless not to curse. Curse is speaking negative things to someone or about someone. The Bible commands us to bless but not to curse 
  • evenourpersecutors(Romans 12:14).
  • So, let us be blessed by blessing others because this is what we are called for. May God bless you abundantly.


Romans 8:28-29

Romans 8:28-29
[28]And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
[29]For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.
Two days ago I had an opportunity to hear the amazing story of God's goodness and His greatness about how he has transformed many lives of Siran victims due the war. Many people lost their lives. Many people lost everything they had and escaped for their lives and became refugees in foreign lands such as Europe and Lebanon.
I heard a wonderful story of a pastor in Damascus how he thank God for the war. It sounds crazy.But God has done so many amazing things out of those difficult situations. There were only 13 families in the church he has been serving. But after the war now there are 300 famies which is thousand people in the church. Many people were visited by angels. Jesus showed up in their dreams. Many people encountered God personally and became born again.
Another story I heard of a medical doctor who became a refugee with his family in Lebanon said that he was a rich man in Siria having house car and money and prestige but no Jesus. But now he is a refugee in a foreign land having nothing. However he is so happy because he and his family doing Jesus. God has a purpose for everybody. He calls people according to His purpose. For those who love God and are called according to His purpose God causes everything to work together for good of them.
God is loving. You may ask how can a loving God allow bad things happen in the lives of His people? Or does not God know and see those suffering in the lives of His people?
Yes, He does know and see. However He's has a purpose behind every bad situations. His purpose is to make us like Jesus. God is more concerned in our character than in our comfort. So there there is no loss for those who love God and are called according to His purpose even in their loss. I am reminded of Job who lost everything including his children in one day. Not only that he had to go through severe pain in his body for long time. God restored everything he had lost double and gave him the most beautiful children in the world. But more the that he said,Job 42
[5]"I had only heard about you before,     but now I have seen you with my own eyes."That is God's desire for us. Difficult situations discourages me often but knowing this, it excites me as well that something special  for me is on the way.
My God can turn my hurts into holiness,
My God can turn my pain into gain,
My God can turn my wounds into wisdom,
My God use His correction for perfection,
My God can use my offenses to deliver me from pretention.
My God blesses me when man abash me.
My God is good all the time.
His love endures forever.
My God causes everything altogether to work for my good


A man came to a preacher and asked," What should I do to go to heaven?" The preacher replied him," I am sorry, you are too late , you can do nothing to go to heaven," The man got shocked hearing the preacher's reply. He probably had great expectation to get some rules from the preacher to follow to go to heaven. The man again said, " What? there is nothing I can do to go to heaven?" The preacher said" Yes, there is nothing YOU can do to go to heaven. It is already DONE"

Yes, it is true. When Jesus cried on the cross" It is finished" that very moment everything was done for human being to be able to go to heaven not by doing anything for it but believing what Jesus did for them.

" God saved you by His Grace when you believed. And you cannot take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward  for the food things we have done, so none of us can boast about it,"( Ephesians 2:8,9 NLT).

There is a popular saying in Nepal," One should have clean heart, then it does not matter whatever religion you follow you will go to heaven". Yes. one should have clean heart, It is one hundred percent true. Bible says, " Oh Lord who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live on your holy mountain? The one whose walk is blameless, who does what is righteous, who speaks the truth from their hear,whose tongue utters no slander, who does no wrong to a neighbor, and casts no slur on others"(Psalm 15:1-3)
 One may do those things in front of man but that does not guarantee he or she has clean heart and with right motives, Man looks the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.  " The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it.? I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve"( Jeremiah 17:9-10).
"Beyond cure" Yes, ;there is no human remedy for the heart of man. Only God can heal or cure it by the finished work of Christ on the cross if he or she believes it. We cannot make our heart clean although we all know and say we should have clean heart, Only the blood of Jesus can make our hearts clean. We can be saved by Grace of God through faith, It was not difficult for me to believe that I am saved by grace but did not understand for long time that I only can live a life God desires only by God's grace. I lived a frustrated life for long time not knowing that I cannot live a God pleasing life by my own effort or strife. It was very difficult for me to understand the Law and the Grace. " The law of Moses was unable to save us because of   the  weakness of our sinful nature. So God did what the law could not do. He ( God)" sent His own Son in a body like the bodies we sinners have. And in that ;body God declared an end to sins control over us by giving his Son as a sacrifice for our sins."(Romans 8:3 ).
So in the conclusion I came to understand that "Grace" is God's enabling power which enables me to live the life God wants me to live. Not trying hard but Trust  on His grace. It does not mean that I can live whatever way I want to live. Grace is not the licence to live in sin. I am so grateful God for His provision of His Grace, So, Christianity is not "DO"but believe in what has been "Done."



" Holiday" is the most favorite word for everyone. This the word most liked by kids.  I have heard children exclaiming" Hurray ! tomorrow is holiday, or we have a week holiday". Once I went to visit one of my friends, I saw his daughter staying home. I asked why she had not gone to school. He said that she had a holiday. I asked what holiday was that. He said, " Ichchha divas" which means " Will Day".  She did like to go to school and made her own holiday.

 People like to go on holiday to get refreshment. They want save money for the holiday for which they work so hard. Sometimes they even refuse to take weekend holiday to earn more so that they can go on holiday.They do not want to take any day off. They keep them so busy in work after work. They want earn more so that they want to by expensive things to enjoy with. iphone, smart phone, car, good house, expensive watch etc. because they want to satisfy themselves with materials but none of the those things satisfy them. The more they own the more they want. Materials never satisfy human. The  happiness they get from those things is very temporary, it disappears within few days. They get weary, exhausted, get burn out. Yet people do not want to take a day off to rest hopping that  one day they can go on holiday. No one knows whether the holiday he or she is waiting for ever comes in his or her life. Life is uncertain. There is no guarantee that you will see your expected day.
I am shocked by hearing the news of Prkash Dahal, Maost's leader Pushpa kamal Dahal's son''s sudden death on his bed. 

Human being is created by God in such a way that they need rest. God not only created the man but the day of rest too. And He made it holy. So it is called "Holy Day". God created everything in six days and He Himself took rest on the seventh day and made it holy. No one can violate the law God made.Sabbath the day of rest is of the ten commandments God gave to Israelites. God commanded them to keep it Holy. God knew it is very essential for human beings. If anyone tries to violate this law, they have to bear the consequence. In the French revolution the nation cancelled the rest day, not after very long the health of the people collapsed. Finally they restored it. We are designed to have rest. It helps our body, soul and spirit. It gives us the time to reflect on ourselves and get recharged and most importantly spend time with our creator who created us and the day of rest. 
So friends, if you are wise, take a day of rest. It is foolishness to wait for the holiday which may never come. Be grateful to God who has given us this day.And enjoy His presence.

"It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to ear; for God gives rest to his loved ones."( Psalms 127:2).

Opportunity to build your career

Time is changing and everything changes along with time. There are needs and demands of life according to time. This is true in the aspect of knowledge. The knowledge our forefathers had is not enough in our lives today.
The world has changed a lot in the last decade along with the development of technology. Every system is being computerized today. Without computer almost nothing is done. Without the knowledge of computer one is illiterate in today's world. In the schools computer subject is included. Therefore the new generation is literate because they have the knowledge which is very useful in operating life today. I have been seeing young people enjoying new technologies whereas I was watching them enjoying having no idea as a dump and blind until I met Anuj bhai last month who opened my eyes to see the world in reality.

In fact, I had felt that I was l left out. I was not able to do anything related to the computer. I did not have time to go to institute to take class. I asked my friends who had the knowledge. They would tell me that I can learn myself but I had no idea. Time was passing unnoticed. I was really left behind.

One day a friend of my had an appointment with Anuj bhai. Their plan was to sit together to sing and Anuj bhai was wanting to learn my friend Babu's song who has written almost 200 songs about different aspects of life.Babu is a singer composer and a song writer, It was the golden opportunity to join them in  that musical meet since I am fond of music. Music is one of my hobbies too. The place where we met was Anuj's computer and online marketing training room with some computers. I expressed my curiosity, "How I learn computer ?" Before Anuj answered Babu spoke," Ok, you teach him guitar and he can teach you computer." I said, "would be great !" Anuj bhai expressed his willingness to teach me computer,

With a  great enthusiasm I began to learn basic computer skills starting with typing. Not only he taught me computer but also how to write blog which I had never imagined I could do. I also learned how to use facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google + etc.

Anuj bhai is going teach me how to do online marketing which I desperately need to know to promote my Trekking business since   own a trekking company called," Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd."  Also, do some online business to make extra income. Anuj is very skillful as well a good trainer in online marketing. He already had trained several people who are now earning between $500- $1000.  I am hoping one day I will be like one of them. You can visit his website :www. anujbhai.com. If you want to learn about online marketing you can follow anujbhai. 

 I am very grateful to Anuj for his great contribution. I would have such a privilege nowhere else. May God bless him abundantly,


The key to success and Prosperity

"This set of instruction is not to cease being a part of your conversations. Meditate on it day and night,so that you may be careful to carry out everything that's written in it, for then you'll prosper and succeed"( Joshua 1:8) "

Is there anyone who doesn't want success and prosperity? I don't think so. Every human being is striving to get success and to prosper. They work so hard to achieve success. Some people succeed to some extent. But there is no guarantee.
Everyone is different. Everyone doesn't  succeed in the same thing. Many people fail because they want to be like some one, in business or profession. As a result they get frustration instead of success. We human has the tendency of looking and copying someone we see successful. We assume that if we do the same thing we will succeed and prosper like him or her. We forget to find out our own identity.  We don't know what we are good at. Our talents and gifts God has given to us.

Each one of us is unique. Each one is the masterpiece God has created. The creator has unique plan for each one of us. Even though plan for  each life is different, it is for our good not to harm us but to prosper us, to give us hope and a future(Jeremiah 29:11). Only if we follow the perfect plan for our lives we will prosper and get success. But how do we know that?

The  only way to know the plans for our lives is ask the one who created us and made the plan for our lives the creator God. Listen to Him. But to listen? We must have the personal relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ who came to the earth to die to save us. He loves us so much that He died in our place. Reading and meditating His word we get success. " But he delights in the  LORD's  instruction,and meditates n His instruction day and night. He will be like a tree planted by the streams of water,yielding its fruit in its season, and whose leaf does not wither. He will prosper in everything he does."(Psalm 1:2-3).
So try it out.

Change is Possible

Humility is very rare quality we can find in human being. Humbling oneself is one of the hardest thing to do in life. Unless and until one is compelled and only if there is no other option one submits and surrenders.

Every human  being is born with pride. Whether we express or not we all have pride hidden in us.  We don't want to confess our weaknesses and mistakes easily. This is human nature we have got by birth. It is not our choice but our sinful nature. We are born with it.

King David confessed, "Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me". Whether we believe or not confess or  not this is this is the reality. Humility is contrast to the pride. Pride and humility cannot be together.

"Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall"(Proverbs 16:18). This is said by the wisest king on  earth,King /Soloman. Pride is harmful to everyone whereas the humility lifts one up.Peter says," Humble yourselves, therefore under God's mighty hand, that He may  you up."

Jesus says,"Blessed are those who are meek( humble), for they will inherit the earth". Even Knowing all this often I am not able to be what I am supposed to be. I have realized that knowledge alone cannot change a person. Every person who makes mistakes in most of the cases are aware of the law.  Man is not in his control, some unseen forces is driving him or her. That is sinful human nature. Until he or she is freed from that nature is in the bondage for slavery.
This shows that man cannot make himself good. Some may be seen successful in some extent. But who have seen their hearts. Only the one who made their hearts. It indicates that human being is in a desperate need of a savior who can deliver them from this bondage.

 Jesus has paid the price to set every human from the bondage of sin. Everyone who believe what Jesus has done for them accept Him as his or her personal savior their lives will change. This is truth.When you accept the truth you will be set free. Choice is yours. Your personal decision will make a difference in your life. I have made the decision and my life is changed. It is true for you too. Try it .

Never too late to study

I finally got the opportunity to join higher secondary class 11 after 19 years I passed my SLC(School Leaving Certificate). By the grace of God I was accepted to be admitted by the campus chief" Balbir Negi in Kalika Multiple Campus, Pokhara". I am so grateful to Negi Sir.

 I was so excited to start my  further study. It was completely new experience for me . There were about 50 students in my class. All the classmates were like my children.  Many of my classmates were born few years later I passed my SLC. I was even older than some of my classmate's parents. I was so excited to enter into a new environment with campus uniform. 

Many students who came there for admission in Bachelor level would greet me saying "Namaste sir" thinking that I was one of the lecturers in the campus. Slowly my classmates became friends, I never felt any gap with the classmates as well as the lecturers. I had double advantage of being friends with the lecturers as well as students. Many of the lecturers were younger than me. Campus chief would visit our class sometimes and would encourage me. I would attend the class regularly as much as I could. Thus, I was familiar to everyone.

In the final exam we had to go to another campus to take the examination. There another interesting incident happened. As I was entering the entrance gate, the checkers were asking me why I was there and for whom. I said I went to take exam showing my entrance card. They let me in. Then found my exam hall. There were only few students before me. As I was looking for my seat, many students came to the door and were asking,"May I come in sir?"Every students approached the door were asking the same question or the permission to get in. But there was no teacher in the hall. I realized that they were thinking I was the teacher, I said, "Yes, come in." Then the students gushed in the hall and sat on their seats.  

After few minutes one lady got into the hall with question papers and the copies, then everybody stared at me curiously. I think, they came to know that I was one of the examinees  Anyway I did take the exam well and passed the  the exam well.

Likewise, I passed the higher secondary level well and became the topper in the campus. I was rewarded with cash prize which really encouraged me to go forward. We were sent to a government school for practice teaching for 45 days which  I completed very well. I got 45 marks out of 50 marks in teaching. Then I joined the Bachelor lever, and passed every exam  and I finished my bachelor level study at the age of 44. From tomorrow I am going to teach in a High School as an English teacher.
I am very glad to have the great opportunity of study in old age.  I am really thankful to my wife Tara for her encouragement and support to make my study successful. 
It was really challenging to manage time as a father and the single person to earn for living for the family of four and educate two children. I had never thought that I would study in the campus. But where there is God's will there is a way.. I am glad that I have been the inspiration and encouragement to many young people to restart their studies. 

Few days ago one my lecturers congratulated me saying " Congratulation! You are the topper in the bachelor level" I was so surprised haring that. It is all about God's mercy and grace throughout my life during the study as well.

It is never too late to study or learn. Anyone can learn anything in any age.

Meaningless Life to Meaningful Life

I was  born and brought up in a Buddhist family in northern part of Dhading district in Nepal. I was taught and set apart ritually to become a future monk since my father is a Bhuddhist monk. My father taught me many Mantras which I memorized well.  I am first child of my parents.
As I was growing and learning different rituals watchiing my father and other Gurus(teachers). But some questions really bothered me. As Buddha said there is suffering in the world, so do good as much as you can.I saw and experienced the suffering and pain. My questions were," What on earth am I here for? How long will I live on this earth? What will happen after I die? Where will I go? Where will I be? I saw people born in suffering, lived in suffering and and die in suffering. My question was, "If I was born just to suffer, I wish I was not born. Otherwise, what is the point?

 I was in turmoil, in fear  and confused, I had no answer of those questions from any Guru.  Day and night I was wondering why I was on this planet. I had no meaning of life.

One day, I left my home at night and wandered in different places in the hope of finding peace and meaning of life. I did not find the and peace and the meaning of life. Instead,  I suffered and saw more suffering and pain in people's lives. After some months I returned home realizing that peace and meaning of life is not something that can be found by searching.
With same questions and the  fear of death  I began to start my normal life in the village. One day a friend of mine was going to jungle and my grandmother told me to go with him to get some thorn bush to hedge around the vegetable garden to keep in from chicken. so, I joined him forgetting his past life some months ago. He was mentally disordered and used to cream and run. Day and night he needed to be guarded. Twice a week his parents had to call witch doctors and had animal sacrifices. Yet, his condition never changed. While I was not in the village, his father finally met a Christian man he asked him to bring his son to him. He questioned the man if his son would be well. The man assured him. So my friend's father took him to the man. 

When he met the man he prayed for him and he was completely healed and came back to his right mind and came to know that Jesus had healed . So he accepted Jesus into his life and his life was completely changed.

As we were in the jungle we sat under a tree in the shade. My friend began sing some songs I had never heard before. After a while he began to speak strange words like, Lord, Jesus. He mumbled some time and asked me close my eyes and sit quietly. I did. Then after a while I felt joy in my soul. I thought that if I listen his new songs I would have of mind. So, from that day I began to spend time with him and asked him to sing for me so that I could have peace.

One evening I went to his house to see him, there was a small group of people gathered to sing some songs he sang before and some new ones. I really enjoyed the singing but I had no idea what that was all about. Some days passed. One day my friend shared something I had never heard before with a small booklet called " Four Spiritual Laws". He began to read, God loves you, So He sent His son Jesus to the world to die for your sins so that you can have life and peace. He not only died but rose from the dead on the third day." That was amazing thing I has ever heard in my life. But he said that only if I open my heart and accept Jesus as my Lord and saviour my sins would be forgiven and  I would have full peace and a I could go to heaven after I die. I was so excited hearing that. I decided to accept Jesus into my heart not thinking anything about my family and my religion. It was miracle that I experienced the joy I never had before. I forgot all my questions and fears.  My life was completely changed.
But there was a cost to count. Slowly my parents knew about me that I have embraced a new unacceptable religion, they began to persecute me. I had to go through different struggles. I had to run away from my family as well as from the village and policemen and other monks. I had to sacrifice my study, my family and everything. I went through may hardships. Many days without food, I did the least jobs as a dish washer in restaurants in Kathmandu up to 17 hours, I was not given enough food, just little bit left over foods. I worked worked as in constructions labour, then the contractors wouldn't pay. I worked as servant boy in a village for several months. I felt so lonely and discouraged. Finally I found a church  in Kathmandu Nepal and got shelter and helped as a cleaner. There I could know more about Jesus, the Bible and the Christian life. 

My parents were worried and wondering where I had gone. After two years my parents knew where I was  through some people and my uncle cam to take me home. My parents accepted me but would not let me meet Christian people. There was still persecution from the government. Policemen would come arrest Christians in the village. So I changed the place to continue my study. However, in the same year I was taken to the police station to separate me from my faith. I was kept 5 days was threatened, and handcuffed me, one of my aunts was crying seeing me handcuffed but I was not afraid at, instead I encouraged her to take heart. and finally my father as a guarantor to make me monk and released me after five days. Forcefully I was made monk. There was no way to escape, so I went through everything they did to me. But heart did not accept anything they imposed upon me.

I have gone through many hardships and struggles which is nothing compare to what Jesus bore for me. Now I have a meaning and purpose and eternal hope in my life. God has saved me from the point of death. I was spared when I jumped off the back of a truck running on the Prithvi High Way, drowned in deep water, had deadly poison somebody put in my food twice, Many motorcycle accidents, fell off the tree twice. when I look back, I realize that I am spared for a purpose. Now I am moved to light from the darkness, hopelessness to hope, turmoil to peace, fear to joy,death to life. I have true meaning of life, eternal hope to live in,a life changingA message to share that Jesus is the "Way, Truth and Life, hope for hopeless, peace giver for those who accept Him,. Jesus is the Answer for every question of life.He loves everyone regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, race,class and status.


A New Journey Begins

A new journey has begun from yesterday, a journey in writing. I have no idea of writing, what to write and how to write something. However, thank God that by His grace I met Anuj bhai who is  my teacher and inspiration to write something on my blog. He just told me to write anything. So I started to write short introduction of myself. Eventhough I have no idea, by his encuragement I have decided to continue my new journey. I am so glad to have such a teacher and friend who has made this journey possible. I am very grateful  to have him as my teacher.  I am so excited to begin my new journey. As I was thinking about what to write next, I was reminded of the beginning of my journey in trekking.

I used to see trekking groups camping in my village when I was a boy. I was so curious about trekking. I had a dream to trek with white people  one day but it was just like a dream. But my dream never left me. Instead it began to grow as I saw some grandfathers sometimes went on trekking as porters. Since I was interested in trekking I used to listen to them their trekking stories which would fan my passion for trekking.

 One day I left my village to go to Kathmandu to go trekking without any idea or way I could go trekking. As a teenage village boy I was walking in the street of Katmandu at Darbar Marg in the late afternoon, a white man was walking before me. I was just walking after him, in my surprise, he just turned around and asked me, "How are you ? "shaking hands with me. I said, " I am fine." That much English I knew.Then our convertion began with my little English. I asked him, "Where from you?"  He said," I am from New Zealand." Then I asked him," Where live you ?" He said, " Star Hotel." After walking and talking sometime, he took me to a restaurant. After sitting on the chair, I felt I was in the different world. A young man came with two hard sheets  full of English. Mike asked me, " What do you want ?" I had no idea what I wanted. The waiter asked me in Nepali what I wanted to eat. Mike pulled one of the hard sheets and ordered a cup of milk tea and something. I thought that those sheets were food list,I looked at it could recognize only noodles and egg. I said I wanted that. As we were waiting for our food I was staring at the colourful things in the glasses on the dining table and was wondering what those beautiful paper like things not knowing those were napkin papers. That was my first surprise in my new journey. We to meet the next day at Hotel Star at Thamel and departed.
Next morning we me and he took me to his room. I was going to toilet, he asked me if I wanted the pink paper. Having no idea what that was I shook my head positively. He handed me a piece of pink paper. I did not know what to do with that paper, I wiped my face with it not knowing it was toilet paper.

Few days we had to stay at Kathmandu before going trekking. He was in different hotel from me, One evening I went to see him at his hotel. He gave me some T-shirts but I asked him if he had extra under
wear. He said that he did not have and gave me some money to buy a new one. So I went out to buy a new underwear. I asked a shopkeeper if he had  an underwear. He pointed to a hanging underwear. Not thinking anything I paid 25 rupees and bought that. Went to the guest house and took shower and wore the new underwear I had just bought. My God! it was fat lady's underwear. That was my second surprise.

But I did not see any Dal Bhat there. I only saw tow things on the lobby. I pointed to it and said," I want that". I got it, those were chocolate cake and apple pie, sweet and sour for hungry stomach. Then, in my surprise Mike got bread and chicken curry. I questioned myself where he got that from. I wished I had that too. Surprise after surprise!! Went back to the guest house and slept.

The next day, I went to Mike's hotel to see him. I went to the bathroom in his room, closed the door from inside. Then I wanted to open the door to come out, door would not open however hard I pulled the door. I was so afraid that I was locked forever. I thought door got something wrong. So I knocked the door and told Mike that I was locked. So he he ran down to the reception to tell that I was locked. While somebody to come and help me I was just playing the buttons on the door. Unexpectedly my finger hit the button and the door got open before somebody came to get me out. I had no idea how the door is opened. Another surprise!!

No Dal Bhat, wearing fat lady's underwear, wiping face with toilet paper, locked in the the bathroom!( my ignorance) Despite all those ignorance I was excited to start my first trekking journey. Finally started my first trekking in Annapurna Circuit and finished the trek in 19 days. It wa28 years but the memory is still fresh. I still walk on that rout but lot of changes.

About me

Gunsang, Manang,Gangapurna
My name is Prem Tamang. I am married with two children. I live in Pokhara ,Nepal. I am a trekking guide and a language teacher. I teach English and Nepali languages. I do translation works as well. I translate English books into Nepali language. I have been a trekking guide for 22 years and language teacher for 12 years and 15 years as a translator.

 In the beginning of the year 2017 I registered my trekking company "Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd." I have been working a manager in "The Language Encounter Pvt. Ltd."
I love to read books, sing songs and sometimes write songs. My hobby is music, reading books and photography. I am very social person. I love to make friends and meet new people from all over the world.

         I am starting to write blog. I will be writing in the in various subjects. I really  appreciate my viewers and count their suggestions and comments valuable. Please, do not hesitate to give me suggestion so that I can improve. Thank you.

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Prem Tamang

My name is Prem Tamang. I am married with two children. I live in Pokhara ,Nepal. I am a trekking guide and a language teacher. I teach English and Nepali languages. I do translation works as well. I translate English books into Nepali language. I have been a trekking guide for 22 years and language teacher for 12 years and 15 years as a translator.

In the beginning of the year 2017 I registered my trekking company "Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd." I have been working a manager in "The Language Encounter Pvt. Ltd."

I love to read books, sing songs and sometimes write songs. My hobby is music, reading books and photography. I am very social person. I love to make friends and meet new people from all over the world.

I am starting to write blog. I will be writing in the in various subjects. I really appreciate my viewers and count their suggestions and comments valuable. Please, do not hesitate to give me suggestion so that I can improve. Thank you.

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