A New Journey Begins

A new journey has begun from yesterday, a journey in writing. I have no idea of writing, what to write and how to write something. However, thank God that by His grace I met Anuj bhai who is  my teacher and inspiration to write something on my blog. He just told me to write anything. So I started to write short introduction of myself. Eventhough I have no idea, by his encuragement I have decided to continue my new journey. I am so glad to have such a teacher and friend who has made this journey possible. I am very grateful  to have him as my teacher.  I am so excited to begin my new journey. As I was thinking about what to write next, I was reminded of the beginning of my journey in trekking.

I used to see trekking groups camping in my village when I was a boy. I was so curious about trekking. I had a dream to trek with white people  one day but it was just like a dream. But my dream never left me. Instead it began to grow as I saw some grandfathers sometimes went on trekking as porters. Since I was interested in trekking I used to listen to them their trekking stories which would fan my passion for trekking.

 One day I left my village to go to Kathmandu to go trekking without any idea or way I could go trekking. As a teenage village boy I was walking in the street of Katmandu at Darbar Marg in the late afternoon, a white man was walking before me. I was just walking after him, in my surprise, he just turned around and asked me, "How are you ? "shaking hands with me. I said, " I am fine." That much English I knew.Then our convertion began with my little English. I asked him, "Where from you?"  He said," I am from New Zealand." Then I asked him," Where live you ?" He said, " Star Hotel." After walking and talking sometime, he took me to a restaurant. After sitting on the chair, I felt I was in the different world. A young man came with two hard sheets  full of English. Mike asked me, " What do you want ?" I had no idea what I wanted. The waiter asked me in Nepali what I wanted to eat. Mike pulled one of the hard sheets and ordered a cup of milk tea and something. I thought that those sheets were food list,I looked at it could recognize only noodles and egg. I said I wanted that. As we were waiting for our food I was staring at the colourful things in the glasses on the dining table and was wondering what those beautiful paper like things not knowing those were napkin papers. That was my first surprise in my new journey. We to meet the next day at Hotel Star at Thamel and departed.
Next morning we me and he took me to his room. I was going to toilet, he asked me if I wanted the pink paper. Having no idea what that was I shook my head positively. He handed me a piece of pink paper. I did not know what to do with that paper, I wiped my face with it not knowing it was toilet paper.

Few days we had to stay at Kathmandu before going trekking. He was in different hotel from me, One evening I went to see him at his hotel. He gave me some T-shirts but I asked him if he had extra under
wear. He said that he did not have and gave me some money to buy a new one. So I went out to buy a new underwear. I asked a shopkeeper if he had  an underwear. He pointed to a hanging underwear. Not thinking anything I paid 25 rupees and bought that. Went to the guest house and took shower and wore the new underwear I had just bought. My God! it was fat lady's underwear. That was my second surprise.

But I did not see any Dal Bhat there. I only saw tow things on the lobby. I pointed to it and said," I want that". I got it, those were chocolate cake and apple pie, sweet and sour for hungry stomach. Then, in my surprise Mike got bread and chicken curry. I questioned myself where he got that from. I wished I had that too. Surprise after surprise!! Went back to the guest house and slept.

The next day, I went to Mike's hotel to see him. I went to the bathroom in his room, closed the door from inside. Then I wanted to open the door to come out, door would not open however hard I pulled the door. I was so afraid that I was locked forever. I thought door got something wrong. So I knocked the door and told Mike that I was locked. So he he ran down to the reception to tell that I was locked. While somebody to come and help me I was just playing the buttons on the door. Unexpectedly my finger hit the button and the door got open before somebody came to get me out. I had no idea how the door is opened. Another surprise!!

No Dal Bhat, wearing fat lady's underwear, wiping face with toilet paper, locked in the the bathroom!( my ignorance) Despite all those ignorance I was excited to start my first trekking journey. Finally started my first trekking in Annapurna Circuit and finished the trek in 19 days. It wa28 years but the memory is still fresh. I still walk on that rout but lot of changes.


  1. I love hearing these stories. Keep them coming. Life is about the story!

    1. Hello, Thank you very much for your comment. I am really excited to start blogging.


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In the beginning of the year 2017 I registered my trekking company "Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd." I have been working a manager in "The Language Encounter Pvt. Ltd."

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