Meaningless Life to Meaningful Life

I was  born and brought up in a Buddhist family in northern part of Dhading district in Nepal. I was taught and set apart ritually to become a future monk since my father is a Bhuddhist monk. My father taught me many Mantras which I memorized well.  I am first child of my parents.
As I was growing and learning different rituals watchiing my father and other Gurus(teachers). But some questions really bothered me. As Buddha said there is suffering in the world, so do good as much as you can.I saw and experienced the suffering and pain. My questions were," What on earth am I here for? How long will I live on this earth? What will happen after I die? Where will I go? Where will I be? I saw people born in suffering, lived in suffering and and die in suffering. My question was, "If I was born just to suffer, I wish I was not born. Otherwise, what is the point?

 I was in turmoil, in fear  and confused, I had no answer of those questions from any Guru.  Day and night I was wondering why I was on this planet. I had no meaning of life.

One day, I left my home at night and wandered in different places in the hope of finding peace and meaning of life. I did not find the and peace and the meaning of life. Instead,  I suffered and saw more suffering and pain in people's lives. After some months I returned home realizing that peace and meaning of life is not something that can be found by searching.
With same questions and the  fear of death  I began to start my normal life in the village. One day a friend of mine was going to jungle and my grandmother told me to go with him to get some thorn bush to hedge around the vegetable garden to keep in from chicken. so, I joined him forgetting his past life some months ago. He was mentally disordered and used to cream and run. Day and night he needed to be guarded. Twice a week his parents had to call witch doctors and had animal sacrifices. Yet, his condition never changed. While I was not in the village, his father finally met a Christian man he asked him to bring his son to him. He questioned the man if his son would be well. The man assured him. So my friend's father took him to the man. 

When he met the man he prayed for him and he was completely healed and came back to his right mind and came to know that Jesus had healed . So he accepted Jesus into his life and his life was completely changed.

As we were in the jungle we sat under a tree in the shade. My friend began sing some songs I had never heard before. After a while he began to speak strange words like, Lord, Jesus. He mumbled some time and asked me close my eyes and sit quietly. I did. Then after a while I felt joy in my soul. I thought that if I listen his new songs I would have of mind. So, from that day I began to spend time with him and asked him to sing for me so that I could have peace.

One evening I went to his house to see him, there was a small group of people gathered to sing some songs he sang before and some new ones. I really enjoyed the singing but I had no idea what that was all about. Some days passed. One day my friend shared something I had never heard before with a small booklet called " Four Spiritual Laws". He began to read, God loves you, So He sent His son Jesus to the world to die for your sins so that you can have life and peace. He not only died but rose from the dead on the third day." That was amazing thing I has ever heard in my life. But he said that only if I open my heart and accept Jesus as my Lord and saviour my sins would be forgiven and  I would have full peace and a I could go to heaven after I die. I was so excited hearing that. I decided to accept Jesus into my heart not thinking anything about my family and my religion. It was miracle that I experienced the joy I never had before. I forgot all my questions and fears.  My life was completely changed.
But there was a cost to count. Slowly my parents knew about me that I have embraced a new unacceptable religion, they began to persecute me. I had to go through different struggles. I had to run away from my family as well as from the village and policemen and other monks. I had to sacrifice my study, my family and everything. I went through may hardships. Many days without food, I did the least jobs as a dish washer in restaurants in Kathmandu up to 17 hours, I was not given enough food, just little bit left over foods. I worked worked as in constructions labour, then the contractors wouldn't pay. I worked as servant boy in a village for several months. I felt so lonely and discouraged. Finally I found a church  in Kathmandu Nepal and got shelter and helped as a cleaner. There I could know more about Jesus, the Bible and the Christian life. 

My parents were worried and wondering where I had gone. After two years my parents knew where I was  through some people and my uncle cam to take me home. My parents accepted me but would not let me meet Christian people. There was still persecution from the government. Policemen would come arrest Christians in the village. So I changed the place to continue my study. However, in the same year I was taken to the police station to separate me from my faith. I was kept 5 days was threatened, and handcuffed me, one of my aunts was crying seeing me handcuffed but I was not afraid at, instead I encouraged her to take heart. and finally my father as a guarantor to make me monk and released me after five days. Forcefully I was made monk. There was no way to escape, so I went through everything they did to me. But heart did not accept anything they imposed upon me.

I have gone through many hardships and struggles which is nothing compare to what Jesus bore for me. Now I have a meaning and purpose and eternal hope in my life. God has saved me from the point of death. I was spared when I jumped off the back of a truck running on the Prithvi High Way, drowned in deep water, had deadly poison somebody put in my food twice, Many motorcycle accidents, fell off the tree twice. when I look back, I realize that I am spared for a purpose. Now I am moved to light from the darkness, hopelessness to hope, turmoil to peace, fear to joy,death to life. I have true meaning of life, eternal hope to live in,a life changingA message to share that Jesus is the "Way, Truth and Life, hope for hopeless, peace giver for those who accept Him,. Jesus is the Answer for every question of life.He loves everyone regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, race,class and status.


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