• I am making preparation for live online Nepali Language Course for non- Nepali speaking people.

  • High Places, High Praises. Praise and Worship in the High Mount in Upper Mustang

  • Taking Internet marketing business class with Anuj bhai. It is the best course about about online business. It enbles you to build your skills and boost your potentiality.

  • At Annapurna Base Camp with a Malaysian geologist, Mun Heng. A great experience with a great man in the Himalayas.

  • Thorong- La Pass( 5416m),one of the highest passes in the world. It is a great experience. I have been through Thorong-La pass several times, one of which is with my guitar.

Opportunity to build your career

Time is changing and everything changes along with time. There are needs and demands of life according to time. This is true in the aspect of knowledge. The knowledge our forefathers had is not enough in our lives today.
The world has changed a lot in the last decade along with the development of technology. Every system is being computerized today. Without computer almost nothing is done. Without the knowledge of computer one is illiterate in today's world. In the schools computer subject is included. Therefore the new generation is literate because they have the knowledge which is very useful in operating life today. I have been seeing young people enjoying new technologies whereas I was watching them enjoying having no idea as a dump and blind until I met Anuj bhai last month who opened my eyes to see the world in reality.

In fact, I had felt that I was l left out. I was not able to do anything related to the computer. I did not have time to go to institute to take class. I asked my friends who had the knowledge. They would tell me that I can learn myself but I had no idea. Time was passing unnoticed. I was really left behind.

One day a friend of my had an appointment with Anuj bhai. Their plan was to sit together to sing and Anuj bhai was wanting to learn my friend Babu's song who has written almost 200 songs about different aspects of life.Babu is a singer composer and a song writer, It was the golden opportunity to join them in  that musical meet since I am fond of music. Music is one of my hobbies too. The place where we met was Anuj's computer and online marketing training room with some computers. I expressed my curiosity, "How I learn computer ?" Before Anuj answered Babu spoke," Ok, you teach him guitar and he can teach you computer." I said, "would be great !" Anuj bhai expressed his willingness to teach me computer,

With a  great enthusiasm I began to learn basic computer skills starting with typing. Not only he taught me computer but also how to write blog which I had never imagined I could do. I also learned how to use facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google + etc.

Anuj bhai is going teach me how to do online marketing which I desperately need to know to promote my Trekking business since   own a trekking company called," Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd."  Also, do some online business to make extra income. Anuj is very skillful as well a good trainer in online marketing. He already had trained several people who are now earning between $500- $1000.  I am hoping one day I will be like one of them. You can visit his website :www. anujbhai.com. If you want to learn about online marketing you can follow anujbhai. 

 I am very grateful to Anuj for his great contribution. I would have such a privilege nowhere else. May God bless him abundantly,


The key to success and Prosperity

"This set of instruction is not to cease being a part of your conversations. Meditate on it day and night,so that you may be careful to carry out everything that's written in it, for then you'll prosper and succeed"( Joshua 1:8) "

Is there anyone who doesn't want success and prosperity? I don't think so. Every human being is striving to get success and to prosper. They work so hard to achieve success. Some people succeed to some extent. But there is no guarantee.
Everyone is different. Everyone doesn't  succeed in the same thing. Many people fail because they want to be like some one, in business or profession. As a result they get frustration instead of success. We human has the tendency of looking and copying someone we see successful. We assume that if we do the same thing we will succeed and prosper like him or her. We forget to find out our own identity.  We don't know what we are good at. Our talents and gifts God has given to us.

Each one of us is unique. Each one is the masterpiece God has created. The creator has unique plan for each one of us. Even though plan for  each life is different, it is for our good not to harm us but to prosper us, to give us hope and a future(Jeremiah 29:11). Only if we follow the perfect plan for our lives we will prosper and get success. But how do we know that?

The  only way to know the plans for our lives is ask the one who created us and made the plan for our lives the creator God. Listen to Him. But to listen? We must have the personal relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ who came to the earth to die to save us. He loves us so much that He died in our place. Reading and meditating His word we get success. " But he delights in the  LORD's  instruction,and meditates n His instruction day and night. He will be like a tree planted by the streams of water,yielding its fruit in its season, and whose leaf does not wither. He will prosper in everything he does."(Psalm 1:2-3).
So try it out.

Change is Possible

Humility is very rare quality we can find in human being. Humbling oneself is one of the hardest thing to do in life. Unless and until one is compelled and only if there is no other option one submits and surrenders.

Every human  being is born with pride. Whether we express or not we all have pride hidden in us.  We don't want to confess our weaknesses and mistakes easily. This is human nature we have got by birth. It is not our choice but our sinful nature. We are born with it.

King David confessed, "Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me". Whether we believe or not confess or  not this is this is the reality. Humility is contrast to the pride. Pride and humility cannot be together.

"Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall"(Proverbs 16:18). This is said by the wisest king on  earth,King /Soloman. Pride is harmful to everyone whereas the humility lifts one up.Peter says," Humble yourselves, therefore under God's mighty hand, that He may  you up."

Jesus says,"Blessed are those who are meek( humble), for they will inherit the earth". Even Knowing all this often I am not able to be what I am supposed to be. I have realized that knowledge alone cannot change a person. Every person who makes mistakes in most of the cases are aware of the law.  Man is not in his control, some unseen forces is driving him or her. That is sinful human nature. Until he or she is freed from that nature is in the bondage for slavery.
This shows that man cannot make himself good. Some may be seen successful in some extent. But who have seen their hearts. Only the one who made their hearts. It indicates that human being is in a desperate need of a savior who can deliver them from this bondage.

 Jesus has paid the price to set every human from the bondage of sin. Everyone who believe what Jesus has done for them accept Him as his or her personal savior their lives will change. This is truth.When you accept the truth you will be set free. Choice is yours. Your personal decision will make a difference in your life. I have made the decision and my life is changed. It is true for you too. Try it .

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Prem Tamang

My name is Prem Tamang. I am married with two children. I live in Pokhara ,Nepal. I am a trekking guide and a language teacher. I teach English and Nepali languages. I do translation works as well. I translate English books into Nepali language. I have been a trekking guide for 22 years and language teacher for 12 years and 15 years as a translator.

In the beginning of the year 2017 I registered my trekking company "Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd." I have been working a manager in "The Language Encounter Pvt. Ltd."

I love to read books, sing songs and sometimes write songs. My hobby is music, reading books and photography. I am very social person. I love to make friends and meet new people from all over the world.

I am starting to write blog. I will be writing in the in various subjects. I really appreciate my viewers and count their suggestions and comments valuable. Please, do not hesitate to give me suggestion so that I can improve. Thank you.

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