" Holiday" is the most favorite word for everyone. This the word most liked by kids.  I have heard children exclaiming" Hurray ! tomorrow is holiday, or we have a week holiday". Once I went to visit one of my friends, I saw his daughter staying home. I asked why she had not gone to school. He said that she had a holiday. I asked what holiday was that. He said, " Ichchha divas" which means " Will Day".  She did like to go to school and made her own holiday.

 People like to go on holiday to get refreshment. They want save money for the holiday for which they work so hard. Sometimes they even refuse to take weekend holiday to earn more so that they can go on holiday.They do not want to take any day off. They keep them so busy in work after work. They want earn more so that they want to by expensive things to enjoy with. iphone, smart phone, car, good house, expensive watch etc. because they want to satisfy themselves with materials but none of the those things satisfy them. The more they own the more they want. Materials never satisfy human. The  happiness they get from those things is very temporary, it disappears within few days. They get weary, exhausted, get burn out. Yet people do not want to take a day off to rest hopping that  one day they can go on holiday. No one knows whether the holiday he or she is waiting for ever comes in his or her life. Life is uncertain. There is no guarantee that you will see your expected day.
I am shocked by hearing the news of Prkash Dahal, Maost's leader Pushpa kamal Dahal's son''s sudden death on his bed. 

Human being is created by God in such a way that they need rest. God not only created the man but the day of rest too. And He made it holy. So it is called "Holy Day". God created everything in six days and He Himself took rest on the seventh day and made it holy. No one can violate the law God made.Sabbath the day of rest is of the ten commandments God gave to Israelites. God commanded them to keep it Holy. God knew it is very essential for human beings. If anyone tries to violate this law, they have to bear the consequence. In the French revolution the nation cancelled the rest day, not after very long the health of the people collapsed. Finally they restored it. We are designed to have rest. It helps our body, soul and spirit. It gives us the time to reflect on ourselves and get recharged and most importantly spend time with our creator who created us and the day of rest. 
So friends, if you are wise, take a day of rest. It is foolishness to wait for the holiday which may never come. Be grateful to God who has given us this day.And enjoy His presence.

"It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to ear; for God gives rest to his loved ones."( Psalms 127:2).

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