• I am making preparation for live online Nepali Language Course for non- Nepali speaking people.

  • High Places, High Praises. Praise and Worship in the High Mount in Upper Mustang

  • Taking Internet marketing business class with Anuj bhai. It is the best course about about online business. It enbles you to build your skills and boost your potentiality.

  • At Annapurna Base Camp with a Malaysian geologist, Mun Heng. A great experience with a great man in the Himalayas.

  • Thorong- La Pass( 5416m),one of the highest passes in the world. It is a great experience. I have been through Thorong-La pass several times, one of which is with my guitar.


The saying I had read decade ago," A friend in need is a friend indeed" I still remember. I believe it is true. 

There are friends in life. Friends come and go. The true friend stays till the end but true friend is very rare. Often we are betrayed by friends. When you have plenty there will be many friends. But when you are lacking then only you will know if have any friend. When you are in good shape in different aspects of life bunch of friends will be around you all the time. But when you are in bad shape, I mean in difficult times you will have very few friends or no friends. I have experienced this. I have been betrayed many times. I remember the times when I had nothing to eat no friend visited me. Yes, when you are poor no one likes to be your friends and opposite is true too, when you have plenty everyone wants to be your friends.I have come to the point that made me question, " Who is my friend? Do I have any friend? 

Thanks be to God who is faithful to provide someone whom He has given concern about me. Often I don't find anyone to turn to but I find God has assigned someone to encourage and support me in my times of despair and difficulties. He is my friend indeed. 

This morning I was chatting with a friend who really cares for me. He was asking me how I am doing. I said that I am going through the valley of the shadow of death. Then he was more concerned and curious about it. So I explained to him what I am going through. He with his family prayed over me and wrote the words of encouragement to me. I was really encouraged after that. That really made a difference in me. He is the friend indeed in need.

It is a blessing to have true friends. The question is," Am I a friend to someone indeed?" It is also important to be a true friend to someone not just to have a true friend. Be ready to be a friend indeed in someone's need.


We human are naturally discontent. We are never satisfied. We want more, never enough because we have wrong assumption that if we have more we will be happy. But happiness is temporary. It depends on your circumstances. In good circumstance we are happy and in bad circumstance we are sad. That is human nature.

Some people are never happy. Even though they are happy it is just for a short time. They always expect other people to make them happy. And demands grow, never enough. They always expect others' compliments not the suggestions. There are various reason why people are not happy and content. One of the reasons is that they are not thankful for things they have and to those who have done good to them. Instead they take it for granted and demand more.

Thankfulness is a very precious virtue. Only few people are thankful in my observation. We like to complain. There are tons of things we can complain for. Naturally we have negative perception. We mostly the negative parts of things and people. If we see something good in people we keep quiet but if we see some weak areas in them we make it the breaking news.

 We forget how many good things done to us but don't forget even a very tiny thing they haven't done to meet our expectation which is not even their mistake. How selfish we are. I think we must change our thinking before we change anything. We must begin to think positive and be thankful for what we have rather than complaining about the things we don't have.

Let us begin our day with thanks giving. Be thankful for the day we have one more day to enjoy. your life is precious. Why do you waste it with grumble  and complain? Let's be thankful. May God richly bless you.


We are social being. We need society. In the society there are different kinds of people with different natures. There are people with different temperaments.Sometimes it is difficult to relate with those people.

Not just the people but in every situation we need patience. When we let our patience work in our life we can grow in to maturity. There is a Nepali saying" The fruit of patience is delicious." For example, a farmer has to wait for months to reap his harvest. There is a hope and expectation of the harvest. However, there is no guarantee of full harvest. If there is some climate change which is not suitable for the crop then the farmer has to bear loss. But he does not stop there to sow his seeds again.

In every business there are ups and downs, profits and losses. Therefore we need patience to go forward. Bad situations or losses gives us the chance to grow. Patience not developed overnight. It takes times and efforts. I have borne many losses in life and still bearing. But the hope I have helps me keep going and keep growing. I have been learning and the more I learn the more I see things to learn in life. One of that is to learn to be patient in every situation and everybody.

Now I have been learning about" Internet Marketing Business" especially in Easy1up company where I have to deal with different kinds of people. Some people are so passionate to use vulgar words. I bless them with the peace of Jesus. I know I am called to bless not to curse. But I need patience to be able to do that. The grace of God that enables me to be patient.

I am still learning  and much to learn. I am glad that I am growing. Unexpected situations that is beyond your control and difficult people teach you patience which make you mature person. Once I heard somebody said," Get rid of the person who show you mercy". We all need mercy but mercy often hinders us from  growing into maturity. 
So, let us learn to be patience. There will be lots of opportunities for this. Just look around.


 I was wondering how many of us do things for our own  pleasure or to fulfil our own selfish ambition. Even though we do things for others with a condition or an expectation.

Our human love is so conditional. Often we show love to get love in return. Even we love our children with expectations and conditions. We often do things for our own children out of duty thinking that providing for them is our responsibility. Giving things to children is the proof of love   we think. I once heard," We can give without loving but we cannot love without giving". I think this is true. There may be many reasons of giving. Your giving does not necessarily prove that you love that person. You can ask yourself how many things you do out of love not just out of love. If you are honest you will find very few things you do out of love.

 I was reminded of Isaiah 49:15,"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and has no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!"
What a promise God has for us. He will never forget us nor forsake us. Even though man and his wife were separated from God and forgot God but He never forgot the man. Because God is love and He loves people unconditionally He made a way for man to be reconciled back to Him. " For God so loved the world( people), He gave His one and only son, that those who believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life(John 3:16)."

Christmas is just over. I don't know what the Christmas meant for you. For me this is the display of God's love for me.Jesus Christ who was born two thousand year ago is the proof of God's unconditional love. God has given us the greatest gift, His son for everyone, whoever, whenever believe that is for him or her can receive freely. Salvation is free gift. It does not mean that it cost nothing. But Jesus paid for it with His life, his blood so that you can get it free. He died for you so that you can be saved from the punishment of your sin. You may say, " I have never done anything wrong." Your action does not make you righteous because every human being is born sinner. You are not sinner because you sinned but the opposite is true. We human being sin because we are sinners, We have sinful nature that  likes to sin.

However I have a good news for you. Whatever sin you have committed, there there is forgiveness of all those sins. You don't have live guilty. Just believe that  Jesus has paid the price for your sin and open your hear to Him to come into your life.Just repent from your sins, your sins will be forgiven.  Your life will be changed. It is not the change of religion but the change of heart and life.Changing religion cannot make any difference in your life but the relationship with your creator  God through Jesus can make a difference in your life. Your life will never the same again. It will be full of joy despite bad situation in the world.

God loves you unconditionally. You can receive it freely right now. You can have a meaningful and joyful life in Jesus.


A month ago I attended a seminar where I heard the facilitator was saying that there is a famine of people who are skilled and have integrity and hardworking. Skill, hard work and integrity makes a man or woman complete.

 There is no one perfect on this earth. Skill is very important in life. Without skill a person cannot progress in life, even very difficult to survive. He or she becomes jobless. No one hires a unskilled person. However, if someone is skilled, hardworking and the person of integrity, that definitely makes a difference in one's life. There is the demand for such people in the world. Different people have different skills but if he or she is not hardworking his or her skill makes no difference in life. If someone has skill and he or she is hardworking but has no integrity he or she is still incomplete.

For me hard working and integrity is not the problem because I fear God and I try my best to be a good steward. I know what the Bible says, "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather then for people." My problem is I am not a skilled person. I do not have any such skill which can really helps me enough. Yes, I do different jobs such as language tutoring, as a trekking guide, music teacher, translator etc. However, those skills are not adequate for me to make my living because those kinds of jobs are not regular. I needed some job which I can do regularly on my time whenever I want. I heard about online jobs and online business but I had no clue how it works because I had no skill. 

Finally, I found a place where I can learn how to do online marketing business which I can do from any corner of the world where there is internet access. So, I joint the training and taking the training about easy1up. Day by day my eyes are being opened up and learning how to generate traffic and how to make sales. Within 24 hours there are huge of traffic and expecting to close the sales soon. What I have learnt is easy1up not only gives me training how to do online marketing business but also gives me a platform to work and earn. Another good thing about easy1up is it is one time and investment and life time earning. I am so happy to find such a platform where I can both learn and earn altogether. Yes, skill really matters. If you are interested about online marketing business you can click on to the link below: 



This morning as I was going to class I came close to a taxi from behind. I saw a picture of a child holding hand of his father. There was a sentence which said," Daddy, please, come home early". It was so touching. 

Many children miss their fathers so much even though they live in the same home. Fathers may be more concerned about earning so that he can meet  his children's needs and desires. He might be more concerned about their bright future with good education by sending them to good schools. That's why he has to earn more. To earn more he has work extra hours. Many fathers are not aware about how much their children miss him and his love. Even though they are aware about it they think that they are compelled to work till late for the benefit of their families. Many fathers arrive home after their children have gone to bed and leave while children are still in bed. They rarely meet and no time to spend together. It is a tragedy that many children are like orphans while their fathers are still alive. It may not sound good but it is the reality.

"Time is money". It is very popular saying. I agree one hundred percent. However, often we lose things like relationships, such as families which money cannot buy. I think that the time is not just equal to money. It is more than that. Your little time can save someone's life or shapes someone's future. Money is big thing but not everything It is not more important then your family. I am not against earning but for it. My question is how you value your time.

 What is the value of time?Or how much does it worth? I think there is no absolute definition of the value of time. It depends on how you define it, how you value it. Yes, we have to use time wisely to progress, to succeed, prosper. We also have to work hard to earn. The Bible says that hard works brings wealth. It also says that if anyone does not work he or she should not eat. It is very easy to kill time. Killing time means killing yourself destroying own future. So we have to use our time very wisely. The value of time is beyond explanation. Good use of time builds your life. It can give you better future. God has not shown partiality. He has given equal time to Bill gates and you. 

So, how are you using your time? Are you investing your time or wasting it? The wisest use of your time is also investing for the eternity not just for this life. Not just for your flesh but also for your soul which is the most important thing.


"You cannot expect a different result doing the same thing". I had heard this popular saying several times but did not care about much. Even now I am not sure whether I have quoted it correctly or not. I used to think that I know some thing but now I came to realise that in fact I know nothing in ratio of time change. I am left far behind the time and technology.

 I have no knowledge of computer and other technologies. I even don't know how to a use smart phone as it is supposed to be used. I have realised that the learning time is just beginning as I am headed to the second half of my life. However I am convinced that  it is never too late to learn. I have just achieved my Bachelor degree. I used to thinking I was supposed to be lecturer by then as saw my lecturers much younger then me. Sometimes was discouraged being an old student. On the other hands I was glad to have opportunity to study even in old age. I never feel I am old even though I am getting old day by day. Once I heard a man said that the age if the number of years not anything more than that.I agree.As the time is passing I find it more and more difficult to cope with the time. The things I have been doing for years don't seem relevant and adequate. I deeply felt a change is necessary. But I  did not know what that was and what change I need.I registered my own trekking company. But no customer. I felt I made a mistake by wasting time and  money. One year is almost past but no business yet no inquiry. Finally, I found the reason why I am not getting business. The reason was that I had no marketing. I have no knowledge of marketing. I thought that I could not do since I didn't have the knowledge. 

Finally, I met Anuj bhai and learned the importance of online marketing, especially in  the tourism business. The online marketing is much more effective than the traditional marketing. Its scope is unlimited and cost is very less compared to the traditional marketing. Having understood the importance of online marketing I decided to join the training and I have been doing the online marketing training. The more I take the class the more ways I see. Not just what should I do but also how should I do to have good business. I have full hope that my business will definitely grow. There will be hundreds of clients in my trekking company in the coming years as the result of the use of my online marketing skill.

If you want to know more about it let's discuss on Facebook. Please click here and Add me on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022345791940 

And You Can send me email too : prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com 

Thank You 
                    A New Down
There are always opportunities everywhere whether you see or not. The question is not if there is an opportunity but the question is whether you have eyes to see it and recognize it.
 I usually don't see nee opportunities or don't recognise it. Especially business opportunities. I am not from business background. I was born and raised up in a farmar family. I grew up with cattle tending goats and cows and buffalos but had no idea of doong it in a better way. My studies and qualifications did not help me for living. Recently I got Bachelor degree in education in the age of 45 but my professions is not as a teacher neither will be. I have been trekking guide for over 22 years and finally registered my own trekking company but no business. I fell into the pit of debt. I have experience and some skills in the related field but that is not helping me. I am a Language teacher. I teach Nepali Language to foreigners but there is no students always. Frustrating!!! I was always wondering why. I found myself useless cannot do anything. I did not any possibility and opportunities.
Finally I came to realise that I need certain skills that can help me. I found it is the marketting skill. Since I am not from business background and did not study business I have no idea of marketting. I felt deeply that I have to learn skill to promote my trekking company and other businesses.
But I had no idea where I can learn this who teaches me this skill.
One day I came to know Anuj Kulung and found that he is a digital marketter and has been teaching many people about online marketting I was very curious about it and asked him if can teach me. He eagerly wanted to teach me. Then we set the date and started the class today.
Today I learned what online marketting is , how it works and 5 elements of online marketting or business.
Finally I learned that there are opportunities. One should look for it and ask help for finding it. I am glad that I have A New Down today. It isa new beginning.
 I will be learning and sharing more in the days to come. If anyone is interested orcurious you can visit www.anujbhai.com.


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