The saying I had read decade ago," A friend in need is a friend indeed" I still remember. I believe it is true. 

There are friends in life. Friends come and go. The true friend stays till the end but true friend is very rare. Often we are betrayed by friends. When you have plenty there will be many friends. But when you are lacking then only you will know if have any friend. When you are in good shape in different aspects of life bunch of friends will be around you all the time. But when you are in bad shape, I mean in difficult times you will have very few friends or no friends. I have experienced this. I have been betrayed many times. I remember the times when I had nothing to eat no friend visited me. Yes, when you are poor no one likes to be your friends and opposite is true too, when you have plenty everyone wants to be your friends.I have come to the point that made me question, " Who is my friend? Do I have any friend? 

Thanks be to God who is faithful to provide someone whom He has given concern about me. Often I don't find anyone to turn to but I find God has assigned someone to encourage and support me in my times of despair and difficulties. He is my friend indeed. 

This morning I was chatting with a friend who really cares for me. He was asking me how I am doing. I said that I am going through the valley of the shadow of death. Then he was more concerned and curious about it. So I explained to him what I am going through. He with his family prayed over me and wrote the words of encouragement to me. I was really encouraged after that. That really made a difference in me. He is the friend indeed in need.

It is a blessing to have true friends. The question is," Am I a friend to someone indeed?" It is also important to be a true friend to someone not just to have a true friend. Be ready to be a friend indeed in someone's need.

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