This morning as I was going to class I came close to a taxi from behind. I saw a picture of a child holding hand of his father. There was a sentence which said," Daddy, please, come home early". It was so touching. 

Many children miss their fathers so much even though they live in the same home. Fathers may be more concerned about earning so that he can meet  his children's needs and desires. He might be more concerned about their bright future with good education by sending them to good schools. That's why he has to earn more. To earn more he has work extra hours. Many fathers are not aware about how much their children miss him and his love. Even though they are aware about it they think that they are compelled to work till late for the benefit of their families. Many fathers arrive home after their children have gone to bed and leave while children are still in bed. They rarely meet and no time to spend together. It is a tragedy that many children are like orphans while their fathers are still alive. It may not sound good but it is the reality.

"Time is money". It is very popular saying. I agree one hundred percent. However, often we lose things like relationships, such as families which money cannot buy. I think that the time is not just equal to money. It is more than that. Your little time can save someone's life or shapes someone's future. Money is big thing but not everything It is not more important then your family. I am not against earning but for it. My question is how you value your time.

 What is the value of time?Or how much does it worth? I think there is no absolute definition of the value of time. It depends on how you define it, how you value it. Yes, we have to use time wisely to progress, to succeed, prosper. We also have to work hard to earn. The Bible says that hard works brings wealth. It also says that if anyone does not work he or she should not eat. It is very easy to kill time. Killing time means killing yourself destroying own future. So we have to use our time very wisely. The value of time is beyond explanation. Good use of time builds your life. It can give you better future. God has not shown partiality. He has given equal time to Bill gates and you. 

So, how are you using your time? Are you investing your time or wasting it? The wisest use of your time is also investing for the eternity not just for this life. Not just for your flesh but also for your soul which is the most important thing.

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