We are social being. We need society. In the society there are different kinds of people with different natures. There are people with different temperaments.Sometimes it is difficult to relate with those people.

Not just the people but in every situation we need patience. When we let our patience work in our life we can grow in to maturity. There is a Nepali saying" The fruit of patience is delicious." For example, a farmer has to wait for months to reap his harvest. There is a hope and expectation of the harvest. However, there is no guarantee of full harvest. If there is some climate change which is not suitable for the crop then the farmer has to bear loss. But he does not stop there to sow his seeds again.

In every business there are ups and downs, profits and losses. Therefore we need patience to go forward. Bad situations or losses gives us the chance to grow. Patience not developed overnight. It takes times and efforts. I have borne many losses in life and still bearing. But the hope I have helps me keep going and keep growing. I have been learning and the more I learn the more I see things to learn in life. One of that is to learn to be patient in every situation and everybody.

Now I have been learning about" Internet Marketing Business" especially in Easy1up company where I have to deal with different kinds of people. Some people are so passionate to use vulgar words. I bless them with the peace of Jesus. I know I am called to bless not to curse. But I need patience to be able to do that. The grace of God that enables me to be patient.

I am still learning  and much to learn. I am glad that I am growing. Unexpected situations that is beyond your control and difficult people teach you patience which make you mature person. Once I heard somebody said," Get rid of the person who show you mercy". We all need mercy but mercy often hinders us from  growing into maturity. 
So, let us learn to be patience. There will be lots of opportunities for this. Just look around.

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