• I am making preparation for live online Nepali Language Course for non- Nepali speaking people.

  • High Places, High Praises. Praise and Worship in the High Mount in Upper Mustang

  • Taking Internet marketing business class with Anuj bhai. It is the best course about about online business. It enbles you to build your skills and boost your potentiality.

  • At Annapurna Base Camp with a Malaysian geologist, Mun Heng. A great experience with a great man in the Himalayas.

  • Thorong- La Pass( 5416m),one of the highest passes in the world. It is a great experience. I have been through Thorong-La pass several times, one of which is with my guitar.


Last night I woke up after a short nap. It was 11:15 pm. As I was struggling to go back to sleep again, I heard a notification sound on my phone. I checked it. It was Mike Duncan from North Carolina sending me message while he was having his lunch.

Actually, he had watched Amy Ngoc's video about Nepali Language which I had shared in messenger. It was her review about her Nepali Language learning with me. Mike was impressed and inspired to learn Nepali language with me. So, he was making some inquiries about it. I explained little bit about the course and the duration and the cost of the course. He booked the class and starting his class tomorrow( 30th January 2018).

One thing I learned that there are people in need and there are resources that are needed. But there is a gap between those. Marketer works as a bridge to connect those people in need and the resources needed. 

 In this age of technology internet is the best means to connect people to people and the people and  the resources. Internet marketer is the agent who knows how to connect the people and the resources.

I am privileged to learn about Internet Marketing through Easy1up educational training package.  I am so glad that I did not lose my money joining Easy1up internet marketing business course. Within the first month I have already begun earning through online Nepali Language teaching. I have been teaching Nepali online to Maria Minen from Holland for two weeks already. Mike is starting tomorrow. Mariela Martinez and Jeff Benefield are in line to join soon. If I had not learned about internet marketing I would not  be able to earn so easily staying at my house. I am glad that I grabbed the opportunity in time.

Easy1up does not just give you the skills but also the platform to earn. It has digital products that you can sell online and earn. Or any product you have you can sell and earn online.

Now, my language teaching skill is useful. I have been teaching both in physical classes and online classes. So, now there is an easy way of learning Nepali Language. If you are interested to learn Nepali you can contact me. You cam email me, add me on face book,or call me or email me your phone number, I will call you.

Email: prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,

Face book ID: prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,

Mobile Number: 977-9818449648,

Website: www.premtamang.com



Amy is one my Nepali language students. I met her through my another student Brian Jackson from USA. She was passionate to learn Nepali. So we started the class. It took some time to lay the foundation in correct pronunciation. There were lot of laughter trying the new strange sounds of Nepali alphabets.

She learnt regularly. In  the beginning there were 5 in the group including Amy. Later they began to take one on one class. We had very good times during the class. We used to meet in different cafes. I had several mugs of coffee since I have several class in a day. I taught them Nepali language but at the same time I learnt a lot about coffee. I had different varieties of coffee. Amy is a generous student like some of the other students. She would buy different snacks in different days.

Amy is very social and friendly. Soon she had many Nepali friends. Nobody can doubt that she is not Nepali hearing her speaking Nepali. She worked hard to learn Nepali and soon she became able to travel anywhere in Nepal. Not only she can travel by herself but also has guided many foreigner friends who knew no Nepali.

So, if you want to learn proper Nepali with proper pronunciation, you can contact me. You can contact me through email, add me on face book or call me or email me your phone number, I will call you. You can log on to my website.
Email: prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,
Face boo ID: prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,
Mobile NO: 977-9818449648,
Website: www.premtamang.com


I have just finished online Nepali Language class with Maria Minen from Holland. It was wonderful. I am really encouraged by her passion to learn Nepali language.

" Where there is will there is a way". This is not a new saying. But how much we pay attention to it and apply it in our lives? I have been teaching Nepali language to foreigners for thirteen years. However, it was limited by time and location. I had no idea how to promote it . I only could get students by the word of mouth. 

When I joined Easy1up and learned about internet marketing business. Then I applied the skills I learned right away. As the result I got some students signed up for Nepali language class. For me it is new  and just the beginning but a good beginning. Some more students are waiting to join the class soon. I am so glad that I can earn online staying home  and in my own time. Now I don't have go around to search students rather students find me online and contact me for the class. I am benefited from the I gained in the  technology.

So, if you want to join online Nepali course, you can contact me by email, add me on face book, you can call me or email me your phone number, I will call you. My details is given here: 
email: prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,
Face book ID :prembahadurtamang777@gmail.com,
Mobile number : 977-9818449648,
website: www.premtamang.com
Please, watch the video and join the course.


I have been teaching Nepali language since 2004. Four years ago I was teaching Nepali to Brian Jackson and his family. Brian met a group of young American students living in Nepal who were wanting to learn Nepali language and were looking for a good Nepali teacher.

Brian told them about me and introduced me to them. Then we set the schedule and started the class. There were five persons in the group. Amy is one them. She learned very well and now she is able to speak, read and write Nepali just like a Nepali.  Anybody meets her for the first time there is no doubt that she is not Nepali.
Two years ago, a man came to my house with a baby hung on his neck  and asked me," Are you Prem Tamang?" I said, "Yes, I am." He said, " I heard that you are a good Nepali teacher, would you please, teach us Nepali?" I agreed  and began to teach him, his wife and other girl. His name is Craig Phillips. He has been taking Nepali class with me still today.

Through their word of mouth I have new students now. This is how I get students. Now I am launching online course too. You can visit my website www.premtamang.com for more details.


I have been teaching Nepali language to foreigners for thirteen years. I have taught many people from different parts of the world such as United states of America, Canada, the Netherlands, India, China etc. I have success in teaching Nepali language. My students are able to speak proper Nepali with correct pronunciation, they can read and write anything in Nepali.

 Seeing my students speak great Nepali people are impressed and ask them where they learnt. Usually I get my students by the word of mouth. Most my students are the ones who live in Nepal long term. However, there were some students who were really passionate for learning Nepali . They have done intensive classes for just few weeks because of the lack of time. Their passion was not fulfilled because they had to leave the country. They as well as myself wished to have more time to learn and teach. But there was no option. I had no idea how it would be possible.

Some people want to communicate with the local Nepalese but because of the language barrier they are unable to communicate and their desires are unfulfilled. Even though they want to learn they have no time for that. Some people frequently visit Nepal but for a short time. Some months ago I met a Dutch couple who have been to Nepal many times. When I met them last time that was their 10th time. definitely they wanted to learn and speak Nepali but had no idea where to take class and they even could not imagine that it is possible. I love to teach Nepali to people but I was very limited to do so because I only could teach those who live here in Nepal for long time.

Recently, I joined Easy1up internet marketing business course which taught me how to do digital marketing and gave me the idea that I can advertise my Nepali language course through internet. Also, I learned that I can teach Nepali online live. So, I made a You tube video about online Nepali course. Within just two days many people made inquiry, out of them two students already have fixed their date for the class, one is from Cansass city USA and one is from the Netherlands and one from Alabama USA is figuring out the time for stating the class.

I have explained how to book the class online in my website www.premtamang.com, you can visit my website for more information. The class will be live online through google hang out. I will send the link when you sign up. You can learn Nepali from anywhere in the world where there is internet access. It is the best opportunity for learning Nepali language from wherever you are whether you are at your house or you are travelling.

So, if you are interested to learn Nepali please, visit my website and fill up the form and leave your contact details in the message box. You also add me on face book and messenger. Also, please watch my You Tube Videos , you can search Prem Tamang videos on You Tube and please, subscribe and click the bell button. Looking forward to connect with you soon. God bless you.


I am a person with low self esteem. I never thought I would be able to do anything. I was never admired or complimented for what I did and what I was. I only heard the negatives comments about myself. That deeply affected me for long time. Event though I was able to do many things yet I was not confident whether I was really so what people said about me.

I grew up with negative feelings about myself. Whenever I was given any responsibility I would step back thinking that I was not able to  take that responsibility which  kept me from many good opportunities. I was left behind because I had no courage to step forward. I had always the fear of  failure. I failed many times not because I had no ability but because of the lack of confidence. I never heard the words like,"Well done, good job, you can do it , keep it up etc." 

Whenever I wanted to do something I was always pushed down by thoughts like, " What would people think, what would people say?" I was always driven by negative thoughts about others too. I was so unstable. I had no destiny, no aim and no goals in life. I thought everything is vain, meaningless.

One day I met Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and saviour I came to know my identity. I knew who I am who I was meant to be. I came to know that I am unique. I am the master piece of my creator God,I am precious no matter what people think or say about me. It will not make any difference. Now I know who I am and what I am here for. I have a purpose and meaning in my life. I don't care what people say or think. My value is not measured by others' opinion. I don't have to worry about my future. I am accepted by my father God. I don't have strive to be good because it is impossible to make myself good by my own efforts. I just accept my God given identity and live that out by His grace.
 So, if anyone of you are facing the struggle like I did. Come to Jesus and ask Him to come in to your life and be your Lord and saviour. You will find your true identity. Then you don't have to live in confusion and uncertainty.  You will be able to live in peace. You are unique, you are precious in His sight. Jesus loves you. He gave His life to give you life of meaning and value.


Sowing brings a hope of reaping. A farmer sows his seeds of crops and wait for several months for the harvest. It does not mean that he just sits and drinks tea and talk and hope to get the harvest. Rather he is always mindful of his crops.

 He looks after it, he waters, pulls out the weeds and protects it  from the animals putting the hedge of protection around his field. It means he has lot of works even after the planting. Hard work is required for the harvest. Still cannot expect hundred percent harvest because there is another factor, the climate or weather that plays a vital role for a good or bad harvest. But that is accidental. Usually, farmer does not expect or worried about the weather factor negatively even though it causes damages often. He sows with full hope of good harvest. To get a good harvest a farmer firstly must think about the good ground to sow. Secondly, he must know the right season of sowing. Good seed alone is not enough, Good seeds in a bad ground does not bring good harvest and good seeds in good ground out of season also does not bring good harvest. I am not a specialist of agriculture though I am from the agriculture background. We did how our forefathers did in a traditional way not in a scientific way. That is why we could not get as much harvest we were supposed to get. We had no knowledge and new skills for making it better. So, another important thing is the skill.

It is not all about just farming it is about investment. Whatever you invest there is an outcome. In terms of business just investment is not enough. First you need to find a right place or the right kind of business before you invest. Secondly, you need right skill to run and sustain and promote your business.Thirdly, you must know the right time or opportunity. Again, I am not business expert either. I am just jotting what I am learning. I did not have any knowledge of business because I never thought to become an businessman and never studied. However, I came to realise that I need to do something of my own because I cannot be an employee for someone and fulfil my calling. So, I began to pray asking God what I should do. I have my own trekking company but no customers. I have invested huge amount of money that pushed me into the ditch of debt. I did know how to get out of that ditch. It was frustrating and felt regret for opening a trekking company. 

Finally, I heard about Internet Marketing Business. I joined the training and learned  that there are several ways of doing marketing and even doing online business, especially with Easy1up company, It has taught so many ideas and skills. I believe I have invested in the right place and believe for the right outcome. I see a good future.

So, think carefully before you invest and get a good result.

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My name is Prem Tamang. I am married with two children. I live in Pokhara ,Nepal. I am a trekking guide and a language teacher. I teach English and Nepali languages. I do translation works as well. I translate English books into Nepali language. I have been a trekking guide for 22 years and language teacher for 12 years and 15 years as a translator.

In the beginning of the year 2017 I registered my trekking company "Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd." I have been working a manager in "The Language Encounter Pvt. Ltd."

I love to read books, sing songs and sometimes write songs. My hobby is music, reading books and photography. I am very social person. I love to make friends and meet new people from all over the world.

I am starting to write blog. I will be writing in the in various subjects. I really appreciate my viewers and count their suggestions and comments valuable. Please, do not hesitate to give me suggestion so that I can improve. Thank you.

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