Sowing brings a hope of reaping. A farmer sows his seeds of crops and wait for several months for the harvest. It does not mean that he just sits and drinks tea and talk and hope to get the harvest. Rather he is always mindful of his crops.

 He looks after it, he waters, pulls out the weeds and protects it  from the animals putting the hedge of protection around his field. It means he has lot of works even after the planting. Hard work is required for the harvest. Still cannot expect hundred percent harvest because there is another factor, the climate or weather that plays a vital role for a good or bad harvest. But that is accidental. Usually, farmer does not expect or worried about the weather factor negatively even though it causes damages often. He sows with full hope of good harvest. To get a good harvest a farmer firstly must think about the good ground to sow. Secondly, he must know the right season of sowing. Good seed alone is not enough, Good seeds in a bad ground does not bring good harvest and good seeds in good ground out of season also does not bring good harvest. I am not a specialist of agriculture though I am from the agriculture background. We did how our forefathers did in a traditional way not in a scientific way. That is why we could not get as much harvest we were supposed to get. We had no knowledge and new skills for making it better. So, another important thing is the skill.

It is not all about just farming it is about investment. Whatever you invest there is an outcome. In terms of business just investment is not enough. First you need to find a right place or the right kind of business before you invest. Secondly, you need right skill to run and sustain and promote your business.Thirdly, you must know the right time or opportunity. Again, I am not business expert either. I am just jotting what I am learning. I did not have any knowledge of business because I never thought to become an businessman and never studied. However, I came to realise that I need to do something of my own because I cannot be an employee for someone and fulfil my calling. So, I began to pray asking God what I should do. I have my own trekking company but no customers. I have invested huge amount of money that pushed me into the ditch of debt. I did know how to get out of that ditch. It was frustrating and felt regret for opening a trekking company. 

Finally, I heard about Internet Marketing Business. I joined the training and learned  that there are several ways of doing marketing and even doing online business, especially with Easy1up company, It has taught so many ideas and skills. I believe I have invested in the right place and believe for the right outcome. I see a good future.

So, think carefully before you invest and get a good result.

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In the beginning of the year 2017 I registered my trekking company "Solace Adventure Pvt. Ltd." I have been working a manager in "The Language Encounter Pvt. Ltd."

I love to read books, sing songs and sometimes write songs. My hobby is music, reading books and photography. I am very social person. I love to make friends and meet new people from all over the world.

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